Weeks Dye Works- Collect the Catalog

Weeks Dye Works- Collect the Catalog

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Introducing our new Collect the Catalog Collection featuring Weeks Dye Works!

Every month you will receive a collection of 5 flosses from the Weeks Dye Works collection. We will start at the letter A and move through the entire alphabet eventually starting over. If you choose to join in the middle or sometime after the first month you will start at our current position in the catalog. When we make it through the entire set you will receive an email asking if you want to remain in the club and continue collecting. If you purchase this in the middle of the month you will be receive that current month as well as the next billing cycle. If you purchase on the 30th you will receive another bill on the 1st for the next round. You will get BOTH sets. 

Listing image does not represent the current place in the catalog. 


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