Josephine Wall

The art of painting to me is more than a career; it is an all-consuming obsession and a love of colour and form. In fact, if I am away from my easel for too long, I become restless and anxious to paint again. Since the age of four, I have always known that there is nothing else that I wanted to do. I have so many images in my mind that it is a race against time to produce them all. Partly because of this sense of urgency, I moved from the more traditional oil medium to acrylics, which allow me to paint more quickly and to create many different textured and colourful effects.


Throughout my career, I have always sought to produce images, which are not only pleasing to the eye, but also have either a message or a thought-provoking statement within. Hence, many of my paintings contain scenes from nature, the preservation of which is a subject close to my heart. It is also important to me that purchasers of my work do not become bored with the image. This is why I like to paint in such detail and nearly always hide creatures, faces and other items within the painting, thus, hopefully, providing years of enjoyment. As people have become used to my style of work, they often find things that are not intentionally there.


My paintings, though mainly fantasies, are based on close observation and sketching from nature. I have been influenced and inspired by the illustrative talents of Arthur Rackham, the surrealism of artists such as Magritte, and the romanticism of the pre-Raphaelites, which combined with my own imaginative ideas have led to a wide and varied range of work.


I always feel that I can improve and so constantly seek new techniques and strive to produce the perfect painting—one day!