Missing Drills FAQ

My Canvas is missing drills, can you send them?

We ask that you inventory your canvas within 7 days of receiving it to ensure an appropriate window to replace drills. Sometimes canvases do not come back in stock and we do not carry inventory to replace drills. If you dot not send us the missing drills numbers within this time frame we cannot replace the drills. 


Shipping FAQ 

Where do the paintings ship from? 
All paintings ship from our location in New Mexico, USA. 

Do you drop ship? 
No, items are not listed on our website until they are in our hands, inspected and ready to ship. 

Do you ship international?
Yes! There are many countries available to ship to and more everyday. If you do not see your country as an option please send support an email and we can check rates and possibly add it as a permanent option.  

My item is taking too long in transit!
This is a dilemma we often get emails for. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, mail worldwide has been slowed down drastically. Once an order has been shipped and left our hands there is no guaranteed delivery time or options to request a refund because it seems to be sitting in a warehouse. Please contact your mail carriers and be patient while we all face this together.   


Canvas FAQ 

What type of glue is on our paintings? 
The glue used on our canvases is only the poured glue technique. 

Do the canvases come with a tool kit? 
Yes. all the canvases come with a basic standard tool kit with a drill pen, mud (wax), and a drill tray (boat) to work up a canvas. The kit also comes with a few extra zip baggies as backup in case one tears or breaks. 

Does the canvas come on a foam roller? 
No, we do not supply a foam roller, our paintings are packed into a thick sturdy box with the tool kit and drills inside. Each painting has its own box and is then placed inside another box for shipping to you. 

Are your paintings round or square? 
Mystical Diamond Art only offers round drills on our canvases. There has been an increased inquiry for square paintings but at this time we have nothing in the works to branch out to squares. 


Collaborations/Free Canvases

How can I sign up for free canvases? 

Due to an increased amount of emails asking for free canvases, we decided to put this declaimer in. There is not a signup sheet for sponsorship or collaborations. Can small YouTube creators be chosen? Yes. We are a small company still and hope to be able to share in the sponsorship program for both small and big YouTube personalities alike. Please do not send us an email requesting a free canvas.

Return Policy 

Can I return my kit? 
Returns are handled on a case by case basis. You must contact support@mysticaldiamondart.com to voice your concerns or reasons for wanting to do a return. If a return is granted, return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Photo proof will be required for claims. 

We ask that you inventory your kit within 7 days. If something is missing we will replace it at our cost.  If you message us after the 7 day period we cannot accept the claim. 

If you don't like the canvas you can request a refund also within the 7 day period. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer and will not be refunded.

If you have more questions and don't see your answer here please email us at support@mysticaldiamondart.com or visit our Facebook page for updates.